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Welcome to 661POOLS we offer pool equipment repair, and pool equipment installation in the area of Santa Clarita and cities around, our experts can assist you with any pool service. Give us a Call Now !


Your pool is your happy place, but it can also be a hassle to keep up with on your own. Before your family can relax and take a dip, there’s cleaning, chemical balancing and problem-solving to be done. That’s where 661 Pools comes in. Our highly trained pool service experts provide reliable, professional pool services that keep your pool crystal clear and swim-ready. Make 611 Pools your go-to source for a perfect pool, so you can spend your precious free time enjoying your pool instead of cleaning it! We give you the 5-star treatment with all our pool cleaning, maintenance, and specialty services.

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At 661 Pool we are a company with a variety of swimming pool services. As you know, pools are a very special place, because they bring you peace, good memories and increase the value of your property, however, pool maintenance services are very necessary, in order to take care of your investment.

We are the company where you can find all the services you need to maintain a healthy pool.


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Swimming pool maintenance is a year round job. In winter and especially in summer you want to make sure that you are maintaining your pool so you don’t have to start over every time swimming season rolls around. Pool service is very important and we would love to serve as your pool company. We offer professional pool cleaning services, pool maintenance, and spa maintenance.


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